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Please complete the application and a member of Hope Animal Rescue will be in touch as quickly as possible. Please be patient though as we all have full-time jobs. *PUPPIES - Please note that puppies (and sometimes dogs) that are not neutered/spayed, cannot be adopted to individuals/families outside a 45-minute radius of Des Moines for Hope's veterinarian care providers, which are primarily located in Urbandale and Winterset. This would include puppies four months or younger and any that vetting (spay/neuter and other cares) is not complete. At Hope Animal Rescue, we treat every animal as a member of the family and, therefore, expect every animal current and future to also be treated as such in their forever home. Requirements for potential adopters: *Veterinary reference check will be done for all potential adopters and all current animals (dog & cats) must be up-to-date on all required (rabies and distemper) vaccinations. *All current animals must be spayed/neutered. *Community restrictions on limit of animals will be followed. *Home Visit is also required. *Applicants must have never been convicted of any felonies or animal abuse laws. *Applicant must be at least 21 years of age to adopt from Hope Animal Rescue. *Other Board policies to be determined by review of application/home visit. Adoption Fees effective June 1, 2019: $250 Adult (ages 1-9); $300 Puppy (under age 1); & $150 Senior (age 9+) Credit Card Online or Cash Only Adoption fees include: spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccinations; microchip, & any other medical necessity as deemed by our veterinarian. Heart worm, flea/tick, and fecal (for worms) are standard testing/treatments/preventatives for all animals brought into our rescue. Although Hope Animal Rescue tries to provide as much accurate information about each animal, Hope CANNOT make any guarantee about age, health, or temperament of the animal(s). *We reserve the right to select the adoptive applicant we feel will best suit the needs of the dog. We evaluate all applications on a case by case basis and often receive multiple applications for the same dog. **Please note, Hope Animal Rescue does NOT have outdoor dogs or cats for adoption. Our animals have been acclimated to live in homes with families, the garage doesn’t count. Our mission is always for the best welfare of the animal.
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