Hope Animal Rescue Foster Application
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Thank you for your consideration in becoming a foster parent. A few important items to know if you become a foster parent: *LOVE, PATIENCE, and SECURITY are the most needed skills in fostering. *Must live within a 45 minute radius of Des Moines, IA *Help the foster pet with basic training (e.g., potty training, basic commands) so that they have the best opportunity to find their forever home. *A foster agreement will be required to be signed prior to placing any foster pet in your home. *All necessary medical care for the foster pet will be paid for by HAR. *All food and essential supplies and crates will be provided. Upon request/approval, other supplies/equipment will be supplied. *Foster is responsible for taking foster pets to veterinarian for intake appointment or medical needs as identified (such as neuter/spay, toe nail trim,etc.) and picking up monthly heartworm/flea protection dispensed from the clinic, unless other arrangements have been made with a HAR representative. *You will be responsible to transport pet to adoption events and/or assist with the set-up of meet-&-greets (M&G) as instructed by a HAR representative. Assistance is provided if requested. *If you rent, will need a copy of the rental agreement allowing pets. *Must be age 21+. HAR cannot guarantee the foster pet’s health, temperament, mental disposition, and/or training of the pets. Information provided to foster parent is the best information HAR has when placing pet in foster care.
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* Provide shelter, fresh water, proper food and adequate companionship to the pets in their care.
* Keep pets primarily indoors and that proper restrain must be used when outside.
* Administer medication, heartworm preventative (dogs) and flea prevention as required.
* Follow positive training methods.
* All information provided is accurate to the best of his/her knowledge.
* He/she is 18 years or older.
* All veterinary care will be provided by Hope's designated veterinary clinics unless permission is granted otherwise by a Hope Animal Rescue representative.
* To follow the adoption policies of Hope Animal Rescue regarding the approval of adoptions.
* Release of Liability and Indemnification
Foster agrees to be responsible for the care of the animal and to indemnify and hold harmless Hope Animal Rescue from claims of liability for the conduct of the pet while in foster care. Hope Animal Rescue will pay for all supplies and vet care when approved by the Rescue.

Foster agrees to allow a Hope Animal Rescue volunteer to periodically check on this pet to be assured of compliance with the terms of this contract.

If the Foster rents...a copy of the rental agreement is needed that states you are allowed pets on premise.
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