Join us in a fun and friendly weight loss competition! This 10 week long competition will begin on Sunday June 23rd and will go through Sunday August 25th. To join in on the fun, please pay your $25 entry fee here! From there a Board member will add you to the official FaceBook group to begin! More information can be found on the FaceBook event description.
Product Information

By paying my entry fee for "Pounds for Pups" weight loss challenege, I understand that Hope Animal Rescue of Iowa is not liable for any injuries or health concerns that come up due to entry in this challenge. I understand that I am entering this challenge at my own will and any and all risks will be placed on myself. I understand that I must consult my medical care doctor for any medical advice and Hope Animal Rescue of Iowa is providing no medical advice. I understand that by paying my entry fee I am entering this challenge and therefore agree to all above terms and conditions.